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During the service, we perform the following:

  • Removal of old gas residues
  • Removal of old oil residues
  • Extraction of all moisture and dirt from the system
  • Drying the entire system
  • Vacuum phase
  • Refilling the air conditioning system
  • Checking the system for leaks

Using the latest, high-efficiency ozone generator for disinfection is highly recommended, especially for allergy sufferers. It refreshes the entire vehicle interior and disinfects the ventilation and air conditioning components. It is safe for modern onboard electronics.

It is best to apply this service twice a year, in spring and autumn, as a preventive measure. The main car air conditioning service should take place once every 2 years (refrigerant and compressor oil replacement, system integrity and efficiency checks).

Air Conditioning Refill

Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential

Are you having issues with your air conditioning? Is it necessary to refill and disinfect the air conditioning? We can help you.

The air conditioning in our car requires annual checks because, on average, the refrigerant leaks by 10% each year. The lack of regular air conditioning maintenance can result in damage to the air conditioner due to refrigerant loss.