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Our wheel alignment, set up by us, guarantees high diagnostic quality, measurement accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Hunter is approved and recommended by the most renowned car manufacturers, and its industrial properties have been confirmed by hundreds of workshops worldwide. An endorsement of Hunter's equipment quality is the fact that Dutch RDW diagnostic stations exclusively use equipment from this brand.

We invite you to use our services to experience just how precisely and swiftly wheel alignment can be achieved in your vehicle. Such speed and precision are only possible with the Hunter brand!

3D Laser wheel alignment

Speed and precision

Vehicle alignment at our company is carried out with exceptional precision using the latest equipment in the market, the HawkEye Elite by the American company Hunter Engineering Company.

This device employs a unique, patented technology of computer-controlled laser sensors, reducing the preparation and measurement time to under two minutes, all while maintaining unmatched precision.

The HawkEye cameras, with their multidimensional reference system, ensure quick and accurate geometry measurements.

The measurement heads are attached to the tires, not to the rims as in older devices, ensuring that your rim will never be damaged.